Occumi partners with Gradsouthwest & GradWales!

The Occumi team is pleased to announce our latest partnership with Gradsouthwest and GradWales! 

Students and graduates who are signed up to Gradsouthwest or GradWales can now use Occumi to identify and understand their transferable skills.

Gradsouthwest is the leading graduate job board in the South West of England with almost 20 years of experience in helping students to find graduate level jobs. The Gradsouthwest team have recently launched GradWales to help them offer roles targeted specifically at students wanting to stay in Wales. 

Our new partnership means that students who are using the Gradsouthwest and GradWales services will be able to access Occumi to help them identify, understand and better articulate their transferable skills. 

Like Occumi, Gradsouthwest and GradWales are led by two directors (Deborah Watson and Charlotte Weston) who genuinely want to help students and graduates to get jobs.

By working together we are able to further increase the positive impact that Occumi is able to have on students and graduates across the UK, helping to ensure that every student has the opportunity to understand their transferable skills. 

If you are a student or graduate who is signed up to Gradsouthwest or GradWales, look out for Occumi in the Careers advice section of the site and on your account homepage!

For more information about Gradsouthwest and GradWales, visit their websites:

Gradsouthwest: https://www.gradsouthwest.com/

GradWales: https://www.gradwales.com/