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What is Occumi?

Occumi is a unique algorithm based recruitment system that filters applicants applying for graduate and junior positions by identifying their transferable skills. Our algorithm helps employers easily highlight the right applicant with the desired skills for the role. Occumi’s skills-based approach helps to make recruitment more diverse by ensuring that every applicant has their skills accurately represented, regardless of their background or socio-economic status.

How it works

Occumi sits alongside an employers existing application process. In order to identify an individual’s skills, applicants complete Occumi's skills identification form by inputting their educational qualifications and work experience.

The Algorithm

Occumi’s algorithm uses information about an applicant’s work experience and education to identify each applicant’s top 5 transferable skills. These skills are then displayed in a skills chart that allows employers to easily view an applicant’s strengths. With over 1000 unique data points including the input of over 650 university lecturers, course outlines, and existing research; Occumi’s algorithm is able to accurately identify the skills of any young person.


We work with an employer to identify the transferable skills that they are looking for, for a particular role. Once each applicant has completed Occumi’s skills identification form, the algorithm determines their best skills and highlights those with the desired skills for the role.


Occumi collects information from each applicant to provide the employer with a range of valuable insights into who they are attracting. We are able to identify whether an employer is attracting applicants with the skills they desire, as well as being able to assess whether applicants are coming from a diverse range of talent pools. From this information Occumi produces a toolkit tailored to each client with the purpose of helping them to improve their talent attraction processes.

Occumi’s skills-based solution helps employers tackle 3 main issues when assessing applicants.

  • 1 Step 1 Poor job fit.
  • 2 Step 2 Lack of diversity.
  • 3 Step 3 Inefficient recruitment processes.

Benefits of Occumi

Take a look at the benefits that Occumi can bring an employer.

Understanding Young People

The founders of Occumi have recent experience in being both an applicant for graduate schemes and helping to design graduate schemes. This unique perspective led them to the development of Occumi to help solve the key issues faced when employing young talent. This through the line understanding has helped develop Occumi into a tool that has successfully helped businesses to improve their graduate recruitment process.

"Occumi’s focus on skills helped us to ensure that we are accessing and hiring the best young talent..."

– Jo Harman, HR Director, Karmarama

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