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Meet Occumi's founders and discover where it all started...

Joe Shepherd

Joe Shepherd

Occumi was created to implement a meaningful change in the way companies recruit young people…
Occumi was created to implement a meaningful change in the way companies recruit young people. We knew something was missing and we feel that with Occumi's unique algorithm we can generate a positive cultural change that benefits both young people and the businesses who hire them.
Josh Clarke

Josh Clarke

We developed Occumi to create a win-win system for employers, and young people.
We realised that businesses were struggling to identify the most suitable young talent for a role. We developed Occumi to create a win-win system that levels the playing field for young talent, and ensures businesses are able to efficiently identify the best talent for a particular role.
We have known each other since we were eleven years old, but it took us almost ten years to actually have a good idea! The initial idea for Occumi came to us whilst we were at university. We were worrying about how we were going to get a job after uni, as we knew that we would be competing for jobs with graduates from more prestigious universities than our own.

Where did the inspiration for Occumi come from?

We knew that regardless of our backgrounds, we may be more suitable for a role than an individual from a better university. That’s when we started to think what transferable skills we had, and how our education and work experience had helped shape these skills. It is at that moment that we began the research for Occumi’s skills-identifying algorithm!
After working closely with HR departments, three key issues were found across industries when recruiting young people: a lack of diversity of young talent coming into the business, a high turnover of graduate and junior employees, and an inefficient amount of resource being spent on analysing applicants. Occumi’s skills focus has been designed to tackle all of these problems by allowing employers to quickly identify applicants who have the skills for the role, regardless of their background.

What problems does Occumi solve?

We have spent over two years since the initial conception of the idea collecting research and refining Occumi’s algorithm. Over four-hundred university lecturers, industry professionals and academic societies have contributed to the accuracy and reliability of Occumi’s skills generation.
"Being from a BAME background myself, diversity is a topic that has particular importance to me." - Josh
We strongly believe that all businesses should be recruiting diversely, and that successful applicants should be chosen on merit, not on their background. Neither of us come from particularly privileged backgrounds, and we were both the first in our families to go to university.

How does Occumi promote diversity?

We wanted to ensure that Occumi helped to level the playing field for all young applicants. By taking away the biases that can help or hinder an individual’s chances of being employed, Occumi helps to ensure that a young person is selected based on whether they have the skills required for them to excel in the role.
Occumi offers a unique solution to the unique problems faced when recruiting young talent.
Everyone knows that young people are the future of any business. However, recruiting young people has its unique problems. High numbers of applicants, applicants with no relevant qualifications or experience, and wasting resource on unsuitable applicants, are only a few of the problems facing the recruitment of young people.

How does Occumi help businesses?

Unique problems need unique solutions. Occumi is specialised to help businesses hire the best young talent regardless of their background. Helping to make the process more reliable, more efficient, and more diverse than ever before.