Occumi: Helping Students To Identify Their Skills

Every Student Needs to Understand the Importance of their Skills

Every student develops a variety of transferable skills from their educational qualifications and work experience – however many are unable to identify or articulate these skills, nor do they realise how important they are to employers.

Often students from disadvantaged backgrounds do not have a level of social capital that gives them the opportunity to develop an understanding about the importance of transferable skills within the recruitment process – meaning they are less likely to be able to promote themselves to employers.


Employers Want Transferable Skills

Transferable skills are becoming more important for students and graduates, as employers are increasingly looking for transferable skills when recruiting early talent. Employers are now putting a greater impetus on students showing that they have developed skills that can be transferred to the workplace during their studies.

Helping Students to Discover Their Skills

Occumi is a tool which allows all students and graduates to identify, understand and articulate the transferable skills that they have developed from their educational qualifications and work experience.

Research-Backed Algorithm

Occumi is able to identify a student’s skills thanks to our unique skills identifying algorithm which is backed up by extensive research. With over 1000 unique data points including the input of over 650 university lecturers, course outlines, and existing research; Occumi’s algorithm is able to accurately identify the skills of any student or graduate – all the student needs to do is enter their educational qualifications and work experience.

Personalised Dashboard

Once they have entered their educational qualifications and work experience, each student will be instantly presented with a skills dashboard. The dashboard allows users to see all of the transferable skills that they have developed from their education and work experience, providing definitions and additional information on each skill and allows them to reflect on the skills that they have developed.

Stand Out with the Skills Chart

Research has found that there are differences in perceived career prospects between different demographics of students. Those from widened participation backgrounds and first generation university

students have been found to struggle to sell themselves to employers. Occumi’s Skills Chart acts as a way to help all students let their skills stand out, regardless of their background. The Skills Chart neatly presents the user’s top 5 transferable skills, and can be applied to a CV or shared on LinkedIn to highlight the user’s strengths.

Easily Accessible and Efficient

In many cases an educational institution’s careers service is not able to give every student a 1-on-1 meeting to help them discover the importance of their transferable skills. Occumi allows an unlimited number of students within a partner institution to identify their skills, as Occumi is cloud based, students can login remotely – even on their mobile devices. Not only is it easily accessible, but Occumi is also time efficient with it taking an average of 5 minutes for a student to be presented with their dashboard and skills chart.

Supported by Employers

“Occumi’s focus on skills helped us to ensure that we are accessing and hiring the best young talent…”

– Jo Harman, HR Director, Karmarama