5 Points in Favour of Skills-Based Hiring

5 quick points in favour of skills-based hiring, specifically when recruiting young people (not in order).

  1. A candidate with the right set of skills for the role is a better candidate
  • Inadequate processes within the initial recruitment phase leads to applicants securing roles that may not suit their skill set, this is bad for both the individual and the company.
  1. A candidate with the right set of skills is a happier employee
  • It is generally accepted across the HR industry that utilising an employee’s skill set will lead to increased job satisfaction. 20% of graduates leave their positions within the first year, increasing job satisfaction through utilising young peoples skills would be a positive step in reducing this number.
  1. A candidate with the right set of skills = increased productivity
  • Hiring someone with the right skill set for the role ensures that learning will take place quickly, it will also increase the likelihood of the successful candidate flourishing within the given role.
  1. Identifying candidates skills helps promote a more diverse workforce
  • Skill identification helps to ensure that the employer can see what every candidate can bring to the role, regardless of their background.
  1. Skills are not biased they are meritocratic by default
  • Every candidate has a set of skills, by identifying them correctly within the initial recruitment phase employers will be more informed to make meritocratic decisions, rather than falling victim to either tokenism or unconscious bias or both.