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Graduate Employers expect more...

Graduate employers are now looking beyond subject specific skills. In today's graduate job market, there is a greater impetus on students showing that they have developed transferable skills whilst at university, thereby showing they are ready to enter the workplace.

Increase your students employability

Graduates aren’t aware of their transferable skills.

Research has found that many students do not know what transferable skills they have developed, nor do they realise the importance of transferable skills in the graduate employment market.

Show students their skills

Help them understand their skills

Occumi is a tool which helps college leavers, university students and graduates to identify what transferable skills they have developed from their educational qualifications, and work experience. Occumi generates a personalised skills chart for each student, allowing them to understand, and utilise their transferable skills when applying for graduate roles.

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The Algorithm

Based on primary research from nearly 500 university lecturers, industry professionals, and academic research – as well as insights from secondary sources such as existing research and course outlines; Occumi’s unique algorithm sits at the core of Occumi, enabling us to instantly identify an individual’s skills from their education and work experience.

Help them stand out

Not every student is able to sell themselves to employers. Research has found that there are differences in perceived career prospects between different demographics of students. Occumi acts as a way to help all students let their skills stand out, regardless of their background.

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How it Works

It's simple for students to find out their skills.

Add Value for Your Students

There is ongoing pressure for universities to provide value, particularly from their career services. Many careers services focus on the development of additional skills, and fail to offer students an objective way to identify the transferable skills they have developed during their degree. Occumi’s skills focus can give students what they are missing, and help your university’s career department provide further value.

Help your students know their skills.

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